Decision Intellect provide a range of different products customised and specific to the customers needs. Major services, however, include Inteflow and the Comprehensive Reporting Portal.


Inteflow is the latest high end decisioning tool available within the Australasian marketplace.

This application is the result of 24 months of focused development by the same key designers whose vision, design and management was behind the development for the successful DecisionPoint product. By taking advantage of modern technology and design approaches, Inteflow is a completely new application designed to provide significant business functionality.

Expected functionality such as completely dynamic flow configuration and total control over all parts of the system are complimented by significant advancements such as allowing customers to manage screens internally and expand the overall system functionality.

Inteflow provides a powerful solution that provides businesses with the following key functions;

  • The power to change the rules and decision flow to suit changes in the credit process
  • Internet based access to the flow configuration allowing easy updating and migration of changes
  • Improved customer service through improved control and performance
  • Reduced implementation stress through standard interfacing options
  • Access to multiple credit bureaus and simple switching between providers
  • Originations

    Decision Intellect provides one of the most comprehensive solutions available that supports the credit application process from originations through decisioning into account setup. The Inteflow solution was built from the ground up, utilising web technology, to provide businesses with a high performance, flexible and user friendly tool in which to maximize their credit assessment environment.

    Within the Suite of Inteflow solutions available from Decision Intellect you will find a solution to meet your needs. Acquisition Inteflow from Decision Intellect allows you to automate your credit application process,enabling accurate and consistent commercial credit decisions.

    Inteflow delivers a powerful solution that provides businesses with the following key functions;

  • Processing automation and workflow management, leading to faster application turnaround time and improved customer experience
  • Reduced referral and subjective manual assessment required
  • The power to change the rules and decision flow to suit changes in the credit process
  • Internet based access to manage and control all business rules and process flow
  • Improved customer service providing access to consumers when, where, and on the platform they want
  • Reduced implementation stress through standard interfacing options
  • Multi bureau and Comprehensive Credit Reporting ready
  • Comprehensive Portal

    To support the move to Comprehensive Reporting, Decision Intellect have built a transformation tool (CR Portal) which takes the hard work out of providing Comprehensive data to the Credit Bureaus. This tool is actively being used in production across both Australia and New Zealand organisations, to meet the compulsory reciprocity requirements as part of their move to Comprehensive Reporting.

    The CR Portal product is an interface between the Credit Provider and the Credit Bureaus. It is utilised for submitting Comprehensive Reporting data to the Credit Bureau in the required Data Standards format. The Portal has been configured to accept data from a Credit Provider in a simple CSV format and convert this data into the required XML data standards format that allows for participation in Comprehensive Reporting.

    Access to the CR Portal product is via a web based interface where each company is provided with a log on so that they can view and manage data files submitted to the bureaus. The Portal is fully configurable to interact with all credit bureaus and allows the user to;

  • View all historical monthly loads submitted to the credit bureaus
  • Monitor when the batch was submitted to the bureau and the current status of the batch, plus review errors and set up reoccuring data corrections
  • Translate the data to industry standards
  • Search for customers or accounts to view the data previously submitted to the bureaus and download a comprehensive CSV list of accounts that failed to load in each batch or where a warning was received from the bureau