Decision Intellect's solutions combine together the best functions available to provide an optimal customer experience while ensuring robust risk assessment. Harnessing the power of the Inteflow solution as the fundamental building block customers can deploy across a wide range of devices including mobile, table, and desktops using either Inteflow's built in solutions or by linking from an external data capture method.

This is complimented by links to specialist providers to maximise the decisioning process.

Keeping the customer front and centre the following are some of the solutions that our customers are implementing;

  • Online data capture through both internal device responsive screens or through other specialised digital providers

  • Automate the electronic verification, either through the industry benchmark D&B GreenID solution, or other EV providers. Inteflow is preconfigured to link to all leading providers.

  • Established and proven links to the leading bureau providers including a wide range of products from both D&B and Veda across both consumer and commercial portfolios (including comprehensive reporting products). Support for Experian products is currently planned for late 2015.
  • Automate the income verification step with links to solutions such as Yodlee, Creditsense and other providers

  • Deliver documents and updates directly to the customer

  • Provide the ability to upload supporting documents and have these stored within an internal document management system

  • Keep the customer updated

  • Linked directly into your core banking system