Decision Intellect is a leading provider of credit risk consultancy, models, software and services.

Our clients cover industries ranging from credit bureaus, banks, finance companies, telecommunications companies and utilities through to the various commercial trade organisations.

We also undertake specialised assignments within developing companies assisting in the advancement of credit processes. The aim of these projects is to improve the credit function and thereby enhancing the economy as a whole.

Our staff have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of both the analytical and software components used for decisioning. While the majority of our work is based in Australia and New Zealand we also have experience throughout Asia, the UK, USA and South Africa.

Our partnership approach of working closely with our clients has resulted in us providing a key analytical, consulting and software function within many organisations. This is most significantly within the telecommunications and finance industries. Our ability to provide high quality and knowledgeable resources, complimented by analytical and software functions, has resulted in Decision Intellect being the preferred provider of credit consultancy solutions for many companies.

The key skills we share are;

  • Portfolio monitoring/management and advice
  • Analytical services
  • Decisioning tools
  • Customisation functions (for both our products and other products)
  • Customer support
  • Our engagement philosophy is to empower our clients and enable them to manage and control their business.

    We continue to support and provide advice and consultancy, however, should not be a dependency on any client moving their business forward. Our decisioning software, Inteflow, builds on this in that the Designer tool will allow each client to have total ownership of their decisioning flows.

    This allows them to add new scorecards, bureau services, implement new decisioning strategies for new customer segments, test and migrate into production environments without requiring any involvement from a vendor. The ability to expand the base system with new internally built functionality or screens without vendor involvement ensures that each client can control and manage their business requests without being tied to external vendor priorities.