Multi-bureau functionality

Decision Intellects credit decisioning product 'Inteflow', is the only credit decisioning tool in Australia that will deliver automated Multi-bureau functionality to the market. Inteflow can be configured to access products from all Australian and New Zealand based credit bureau's through automated bureau calls which allow fast access to credit bureau products.

There are significant benefits to be gained by some organisations accessing bureau data from multiple sources. This can be achieved by various multi-bureau strategy options such as sending applications to a second bureau for:

  • All applications
  • Credit Risk Refers
  • Specific market segments
  • Specific customer profiles
  • Clean at one bureau
  • Identification verification failures
  • Bureau fail over
  • Decisioning in a multi-bureau environment needs to account for the collection of data from more than one source and include strategies to use the data effectively. When a multi-bureau strategy is relevant, consideration needs to be given to

  • Software capabilities
  • Scorecard development
  • Policy Rules definitions
  • Decision making strategies
  • Analytics and Monitoring
  • Decision Intellect has been working in a Multi-bureau environment since its inception and can help organisations access the data and implement and appropriate strategies using a full suite of all available bureau products within Australia and New Zealand.